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Hello and welcome to Assert

Welcome to the website for Assert, the Angelman Syndrome Support Education & Research Trust. We are a UK based charity whose primary aims are:

Support – supporting families and carers of people with Angelman Syndrome. Also providing support to professionals who meet AS individuals, even though they may meet very few individuals with Angelman Syndrome in their professional career.

Education – providing education and raising awareness of this rare neurological condition and the issues that surround it. As with many such conditions, Angelman Syndrome is not just about a simple diagnosis, but requires parents and carers to adapt as situations change and the individual grows older. We aim to provide information and advice for all ages, drawing on the vast knowledge of the trustees and our experts panel, some of whom are world renowned experts in Angelman Syndrome.

Research – assisting organisations and individuals in carrying out research into Angelman Syndrome and its many related areas. Much of this research has already provided great benefit to families and carers.

The aim of this website is to be a source of information for you, opening the doors on the world of Angelman Syndrome. There is a wide variety of information on these pages and much of it will be regularly updated so do check back regularly.

If you would like to become a member of Assert please contact us either via email or on our telephone support line: 0300 999 0102.

Meet our new Patron Gareth Edwards, the award winning British director and special effects artist is ASSERT's new patron.

Gareth EdwardsGareth, from Nuneaton, has first hand experience of Angelman Syndrome as his niece has the condition. He has also seen the work that ASSERT does first hand having attended both central regional meetings and our national conference with his family in the past. His most notable release to date is the independent science fiction film ‘Monsters’ (2010) – a film which won him great critical acclaim and widespread media interest. Having attracted Hollywood attention, he has spent the last couple of years working on the big-budget reworking of the classic ‘Godzilla’ (2014) in both Vancouver and Hawaii. The film is set for release shortly and the global attention is building. Gareth has yet to confirm whether the scenes of post apocalyptic destruction seen in his films are based on his real life experiences. But we are sure that they must have played a small part. How could they not? See the interview with ASSERT. More details on Gareth can be found on the new Spring 2014 newsletter on our Downloads page.

Angelman Syndrome Clinics

ASSERT is very proud to be supporting the UK's only specialist Angelman Syndrome clinics. In conjunction with the NHS, we are holding 3 or 4 clinics each year for both adults and children with AS in Manchester.

The clinics are being held for those who have a clinical need to meet with the professionals. We see 3 or 4 families at each clinic, with each family having an hour for a full consultation with a Clinical Geneticist, Jill Clayton-Smith; a Paediatrician, Dr Dan Hindley; and a Psychologist, Eric Taylor. A Physiotherapist will also be available and we are hoping to have a Speech Therapist, Dietician and other professionals present on the day. A representative from ASSERT will also be attending for the day to discuss ways in which we can support families.

Every patient must be referred by their GP or other doctor sending a written referral to: Dr Jill Clayton-Smith, Genetic Medicine, 6th Floor St Mary’s Hospital, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9WL.

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Gareth Edwards Interview

Meet our new patron – Gareth Edwards...

Christyan Fox interviews Gareth Edwards, director of ‘Godzilla’. Gareth has first hand experience of Angelman Syndrome as his niece has the condition. Watch the interview here...

2014 ASSERT National Conference!

The requested conference application date has now passed and it looks like we're going to fill the hotel again. Thank you for responding so promptly. If you have not yet sent your form back, please do so and if there is space available we will accept your booking. New diagnosis families will continue to receive conference details with their information packs and we will try to accommodate wherever possible. Read more...

Introduction to Angelman Syndrome videoWatch our Introduction to Angelman Syndrome video here:

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You can now order ASSERT’s new 2014 Conference T-shirts and other items via our partner merchandising site, Spreadshirt. Due to popular demand we’ve introduced a whole new range of ‘I’m No Angel’ items to tie in with the conference.
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Inspired by the runners in the London Marathon? Then why not grab one of our bond places in the Great Runs later this year.

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Katie Cunnea writes about current Angelman research...

Read her fascinating report in our Article Archive here...

ASSERT Calendar 2015...

Catrina is working and is on our 2015 calendar - themed those with AS and their siblings. Please send your pictures to by 1st August.

Help us find the rest of our Angelman family!

More than eight out of ten people in the UK with a rare genetic condition could be missing out on crucial support because of a lack of a diagnosis.

Download more information here (147k)...